Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday was Mom's birthday. Everybody sing "Happy Birthday"! Mom will kill me when she reads this and finds out that I'm telling the world how old she is but I think she looks GREAT! Mom turned 75 yesterday yet looks and acts a lot younger.

The family went out to dinner at a restaurant in Ventura last night. There were 16 of us. We had a room all to ourselves. It made it a lot nicer for talking, laughing etc. It's the first time that we'd been to Chicago Ribs and my sister, Debbie, declared that it'll be the family get together place from now on. Debbie brought cupcakes for all of us with the chocolate homemade frosting that she, our brother Ben and I beg for each birthday. Next the restaurant brought a huge birthday dessert that mom had to take home. She received a lot of nice cards, cute drawings from the grandkids and great-grandkids. Her main gift was a day of pampering at a spa in Ojai.

My mom and me....
Mom with Debbie, Ben and I
Mom & Dad


It's too Creepy!

Launa & I decorated the atrium, which is the entrance to our house, for Halloween today. She was such a big girl as I stood at the top of the ladder in the garage and handed down the decorations to her. Until...... I tried to hand her the skeleton. She wanted no part of touching it. "You bring it down, grandma. It's too creepy."
Later, as I dressed the skeleton she handed the clothes to me but I had to do the dressing. She loved it though. She showed Papa, and mama and went out and looked 'her' over and over again. Launa named 'her' Lily.

Launa likes pushing the buttons on some of the decorations.
The scary entrance into the atrium.

Grandma still has it:
Anthony called this afternoon asking for help with his homework. Anthony is in 6th grade and the work is getting harder and harder. This is the first year I haven't been asked to help in his classroom. (sigh) He's called a few times now asking for help and it makes me feel good. I'm not old and dumb yet. Hooray!


Pumpkin Patch

My little devil Launa

Ahhhh the pumpkin patch. That time honored tradition. I've gotten to go with my children an now my grandchildren. Today I got to take my 3yr old granddaughter with her preschool class. Lucky for me her mother, Erika, had to work. (sorry Erika-NOT) Launa had a lot of fun running around looking at the pumpkins. She thought the scarecrow made with the pumpkin head was great. She wasn't too sure about the hay ride. Especially when there wasn't enough room at first for me to ride along. She sat with her best friend, Amber, and Amber's parents. Just as they began to leave I was able to hop on and sat across from Launa. She finally relaxed halfway through the ride and had fun! Amber & Launa

Launa went for the small pumpkins but the one she was allowed to get for the field trip wasn't quite enough. Grandma bought her the 2nd one she had to have. (No, Launa's not spoiled)

Grandma & Launa


My first blog!

I've finally done it. This is my blog. Elisa came over today and helped me set this up. I promised her that I'd post something tonight. Gee....what do I say? My life isn't that exciting.
We started a bathroom remodel this week. I guess I could show you pictures. Nah, maybe later.
I decided that for my first entry you would see pictures of my grandkids. Why? Because it's all about the kids. Anthony's football games every Saturday, helping in Kourtnie's classroom every Thursday and babysitting Launa every Tuesday & Friday. Of course those are just the 'planned' things. I found out today that I get to take Launa to the pumpkin patch on Friday with her preschool class. Way fun!
Okay, let's see if I can remember how Elisa said to post pictures in here.

My grandkids:Anthony- Age 11

Kourtnie- Age 8

Launa- Age 3

Aren't they the cutest kids you've ever seen? Well if you stop by here often enough you'll be seeing a lot more of them.