Just Like Grandma!

Karina has the entire living room to crawl around and play. She has lots of toys. However, she always heads for my knit/crochet basket. Yesterday she discovered yarn that I didn't even know was in there. I think she's trying to tell me that she wants to learn to knit and crochet. Don't tell me any differently....I KNOW that's what she's saying at almost 8 months old. 




It's been too long since I've posted (as my friends have lovingly pointed out to me). Instead of trying to catch up I'll just start from current events.~Halloween~

Launa & I did our traditional decorating in the atrium. 

Behind the couch: her favorite musicals from Hallmark. This year Karina liked listening to them. 

This skeleton is put together with duct tape and needs to be thrown away but Launa says it wouldn't be Halloween without her. 

Even though the spider was plastic she could only hold it for a little bit.

The final results.  

Halloween Night:
Karina wore the same costume that Launa wore when she was a baby. It came from Mema (Glenn's mom) Launa was a 'Pink witch'. You can't tell from the pictures that the skirt lit up and changed colors. Both were so cute!

Starting out the night

Trick or treating in Ojai is definitely a small town community affair. As we walked along the 'child populated' sidewalks Erika & I socialized with the parents we met up with. Kids yelled out 'hi' to Launa. Half of the parents were dressed up. In this particular neighborhood there is a house (entire downstairs and backyard) turned into a haunted house. I went into it a few years ago with the other grandkids and it's great. Launa was too scared to enter this year. We were told that unfortunately this was the last year. Their last child is going away to college and they'll be embarking on other adventures. Look at the line to get inside.
I'm told this picture of Launa looks just like me when I was her age.
Karina fell asleep by the end of the night with her hat over her eyes.
Glenn & Anthony stayed home to hand out candy. These are their Halloween faces!