If you haven't seen Wicked yet I highly recommend it. Erika and her best friend Shannon invited their mothers and grandmas to the matinee showing and then dinner. The 6 of us went on Saturday and had a great time. (Papa got to stay home and watch the grandkids. Thank you Glenn) I was going to wait until Shannon forwarded the pictures of us to post but I can always do a 2nd posting.
We saw Wicked at the Pantages which is a beautiful theater. The production was wonderful with outstanding singing voices, funny dialogue and just an all out entertaining plot. Afterwards we drove back to T.O. and had dinner at a delicious Chinese restaurant. We all had a lot of fun!


Last Day of Summer Vacation!

School started today and yesterday was the last day for some summer fun! Anthony called to ask if his friends could come with him to swim in the pool. Of course! His friends have been swimming in our pool all summer.
The 4 boys play on the Ojai Eagles football team. They played football in the pool with a pool football and were having a blast. The water was so wavy and there wasn't any place in the pool not to get knocked around.
The girls and I finally decided to get out. That's okay, they got to have ice-cream. Then the 3 of us watched the movie Flicka.
It was a fun way for everyone to end the summer!