Our Sweet Prophet!

The president of our church passed away Sunday evening. I received an e-mail from my niece that night with the news. Glenn saw the tears in my eyes while I sat staring at the computer. I choked the words out and he sat there in shock. Then my sister called me crying. President Hinckley was 97 and we knew it could happen one day but as a friend said in her blog, we "selfishly wanted him to live forever".
Glenn & I never had the privilege of meeting President Hinckley in person but we 'knew' him. He was such a special man with a sweet spirit. When you listened to him talk you felt like he was talking directly to you. He led such a selfless spiritual life. In December Glenn & I began reading a book of inspirations every night before bed written by Pres. Hinckley. It's a peaceful way to end the evening.
We'll miss our dear prophet and his counsel. But we're happy for he and his wife who are now reunited. They had such a happy and loving marriage.


I Want to be a Mermaid!

Launa and her preschool class went to a residential care facility yesterday. They go there often to sing to the residents. On Halloween we walked through and showed them the kids in their costumes.
Yesterday the children were singing a Christian song. One of the verses is: "I'd rather be a sheep than a goat." After singing this verse Launa yelled out, "I want to be a Mermaid". The other kids heard her and followed suit. "I want to be a cowboy. I want to be a ballerina. I want....." Well, you get the idea. The teacher said that ended that song but everyone was laughing so hard it was worth it.
My little Mermaid, Launa.


Glenn is 50

Glenn turned 50 on January 6. He didn't want a party or any type of large get together. After church we had a small family barbecue at our house. He got to eat tri-tip that he didn't have to cook for once. Our nephew stood out in the rain barbecuing it for us. (thank you Ron) Besides eating trip-tip Glenn got to sit on the couch watching football, eating his favorite cake and pie (thank you Erika & Debbie) and opening presents.
He received Packer shirts and misc, lots of cash to put towards a portable garage for his Mustang and to his surprise I arranged to have his Mustang restored. I had help from our son-in-law (thank you Robert). Glenn bought his dream Mustang, a '67 fastback, 4 yrs ago. He wanted to restore it himself but he works too much. Now he can get it restored and be able to drive it before he gets even older. (just kidding Glenn)

Glenn with Anthony & Kourtnie
Launa showing us her tumbling form
Greg and Ron are not cooperating with the photographerRobert & Erika watching Dad open gifts. Too cute!
Inlaws Shirley & George and Debbie also watch with bated breath!Ben Jr. helps Uncle Glenn open his gifts. Benny made sure that we knew his gift was from him and not from his parents. The Happy couple! Especially Wenona now that Glenn has caught up to her and is in his 50's too.
Alas, the day was just too much for the birthday boy!


The Game of LIfe!

Our grandkids have been playing the Game of Life at our house for years. It's their favorite game. We have other fun games we play but come to Grandma and Papa's house and they want to play Life. This year Santa brought the kids the new electronic version. They brought it to our house and taught me how to play. It's very different. I liked that there is no arguing anymore over the money because it electronically keeps track of it for you. No more cheating.... uuhh mistakes. I'm not sure I like that you don't have to get married and have children. Now you have the choice to just be greedy greedy greedy and go for the money. I, of course, did this during one game and I won.

What a difference in the game boards too:
Old game board with spinner, bridges, mansions etc.

New game board that looks futuristic. You have the choice of going to Live It, Love It, Earn It or Learn It. It really is a lot of fun!
I miss the little cars though with the little people.

But in the new version the little skateboard you have to start out with is cute and you have to accumulate cash to get the economy or luxury car.

Either way, old or new, the Game of Life is way cool!


Bathroom Remodel

Have you ever done a remodel? Oh my goodness! We started this 6 week remodel on our hall bathroom 12 weeks ago. It started out right on schedule and continued that way for 4 weeks. Then it came to a screeching halt. I won't go into the boring details but it's been frustrating. The contractor we are using is the same one who did our room addition in 2000. He added a room, bathroom and laundry room. It went without a hitch. He doesn't do additions anymore, only does kitchen and bathroom remodels. Glenn thinks his business has gotten so big that handling the little details....weeeellll.

When it comes time for our kitchen remodel (years from now) we'll probably go with someone else.
Having that off my chest. The bathroom looks so much better. Since you don't know the problems or what wasn't done the way we wanted, you'll really think it looks much better. I'm told that it will be finished tomorrow. (fingers crossed)
Before pictures
Notice the old wood and the fact that when you look in the door you can see the toilet. That was one change I wanted because someone always left the lid up and you can look in this door as you enter the house.

New views from the door
Old tub....

New tub - notice the jets. Can't wait for that first soak and I've always been a shower person.
Once the cabinet is finished (did he say tomorrow?) I'll take more pictures and maybe the blog will read "Remodel Finished".