The Evil Welcome Mat

A month ago I bought a new welcome mat for our front door. The rest of the family immediately started complaining about it. "It's too thick." "We keep tripping on it." etc etc I told them to stop complaining because it's a pretty mat and, "Just watch what you're doing. What's so hard about stepping on a mat when you come in and out of a door?" (do you see where this is headed?)

Isn't this a pretty mat?

Does this look too thick to you?

On Monday I made dinner for Erika and family since she just had Karina. (refer to previous post about my new beautiful granddaughter) I had the rolls, corn and my purse in my hands as I headed out the door. know that door mats don't always stay in the exact position that you place them, right? This one had moved over a bit. As I stepped outside my left foot caught the side of this TALL, overly THICK mat and my ankle twisted. The next thing I knew I was flat on the porch. Oops! I tried to stand up but my left foot wouldn't cooperate. Luckily I had my cell phone in my back pocket.
Instead of delivering dinner to them, Erika and Michael loaded Anthony, Launa and the brand new baby in the car and rushed over. Michael carried me in the house. (so embarrassing) The bright side is that the main dish was still in the kitchen and didn't end up all over the porch. Michael & Anthony served Erika (who was still recovering from a c-section), me (who couldn't walk) and Launa because....well....she's Launa.

The foot started out with a golf ball sized lump on the left side which turned into this bruise you see in the picture.
The next day the entire foot was swollen and bruised.
This is today when the swelling has gone down a bit.
The doctor has me on crutches for a while. Launa called them 'crunches' the first day.
p.s The EVIL mat is being replaced....


Karina Marie

Our granddaughter, Karina Marie, was born on Thursday March 11 at 1:01pm. She was 6lbs 6oz and 19 inches long. She was named after me. Okay, her middle name is named after me. But that counts. She came into the world via a scheduled c-section which makes things really nice for planning.

I was all 'gowned' up to go in with daddy (Michael) to watch the c-section when I got kicked out. Yes, kicked out before I even got into the room. The doctor had said that I could go in but the anesthesiologist didn't want me in there. His reasoning was that he didn't want the chance of 2 people fainting. The doctor tried fighting for me but the anesthesiologist wouldn't budge. Even after finding out that I'd been in a c-section for my first grandchild and in autopsies which means I don't have a weak stomach. The doctor called him an "a-hole". I love this doctor.

Back to Karina. She's beautiful and as you'll tell from the pictures the whole family agrees with me. She doesn't cry much unless she's hungry or getting her diaper changed. "Leave me alone. I was comfortable even with a wet diaper and now you're making me naked and cold."

Erika & Karina came home today, Sunday. They're doing great!

Mommy & Karina bond in the hospital on the first day:

Daddy is proud of Karina:
Papa and his girls:
Great grandma "greatma" cuddles with Karina:
Grandma is very happy and proud and excited and overjoyed etc etc:
Big brother, Anthony, held Karina for long periods of time and fed her a lot:
Big sister, Launa, was scared to hold Karina until the 2nd day. She did a great job:
Uncle Greg pretends not to know how to hold little babies but we all know better:
Time to go home:
First time in her car seat. Goodbye hospital.... Hello world:
Welcome to the family Karina!
We love you!!!!