I admit it! I have this 'thing' about boxes. Every time something comes in a box.... "This would be a good box to use at Christmas time or a gift anytime." "This is a good size box to put things in for the Goodwill." "This would be a good craft box for the grandkids." Big boxes, small boxes it doesn't matter.
Where do they go? In the garage. The small boxes go in the area where I keep my plastic tub of wrapping paper and tissue. The big boxes get thrown up into the rafter.

We're in the middle of remodeling our garage. Okay, Glenn is remodeling and I'm just helping. (future blog coming soon) Thursday I decided to surprise Glenn and organize the rafter area. This is where we keep our holiday decorations. I was shocked at how many big boxes were hiding amongst the plastic tubs of decorations. I'm surprised we could fit our decorations up there. Some boxes were from years ago. How could I tell? Two were from old computers. The oldest box had been a baby item of Anthony's who will be 12 next week. Oh no! I have a sickness!

Glenn was very happy when I told him I wasn't keeping a single box. (from the rafter or floor level) Not all of the boxes from the rafter are in this picture because I did use a few for items to take to Goodwill. Ha!
My name is Wenona and I am a boxoholic!


Snow White and the 7 Girls!

On Saturday the 7 of us 'girls' from the family went to the Thousand Oaks Civic Center to see the Snow White Ballet. It was Mom (Doc), my sister Debbie (Sneezy), niece Vicki (Bashful), daughter Erika (Grumpy..inside joke), granddaughters Kourtnie (Sleepy) & Launa (Happy) and myself (Dopey).
I love plays and musicals but had never been to a ballet. I must admit that I wasn't sure if this was going to be enjoyable to me. It was a lot of fun. My favorite part was the 7 dwarfs. They were a riot!
However, in the end when the prince and Snow White did their dance together....the dancing was beautiful. The production was put on by a local ballet company and a lot of the dancers were young children. I was amazed by their talent.
Kourtnie & Launa waiting for the ballet to begin.

After the ballet the 7 of us went to dinner together. What a great way to spend a Saturday!



I started working at Alpha Beta grocery store (now Ralphs grocery store) right out of high school and continued into my early 30's when I left to become a police officer. Fourteen years, I grew up in that place and I met some great people. Luckily since leaving in 1988 I still keep in touch with some of my friends. I periodically get to go to dinner or lunch with them. Last night we had dinner to celebrate Vicki's birthday. We'll be getting together in 2 weeks for Virginia's birthday. I'll have better pictures in 2 weeks because I promise I'll remember my camera. These pics are from my cell phone.
Carol started working 1 month before me. We went through a lot of personal things together in those 14 years. Carol is a loyal friend. She married one of our fellow workers, Ralph. Carol just retired from the grocery business last year. Way to go Carol!
I didn't work with Vicki (the birthday girl) but met her through the other girls. She's a lot of fun. The funny part is that she worked with Glenn years ago at Alpha Beta before he was hired by CHP. Glenn also worked with my brother. This was years before Glenn & I ever met.
Barbara is Vicki's sister. We met her last night. I'm happy she'll be joining us.
Virginia, who is one of the sweetest people around, retired from Alpha Beta after I did. Her brother, Gary, works for Oxnard PD so I got to know him better once I went over to VPD. Glenn also worked with Gary. It's a small world.
Charlene got to retire a few years ago too. Yea! Now she can devote more time to her crafts. Talk about a talented person. She lives real close to us in Ojai. You'd think we'd see each other more often but you know how life gets....

I feel privileged to still have these friends in my life!


Mother's Day!

Mother's Day was fun! Yes I'm a week late posting....again. After church the family came over and we had a barbecue. Before they arrived Erika, Greg and Glenn gave me a gift. It's a purse I've been wanting for over a year but wouldn't dream of buying for myself. I learned about Harvey's seatbelt purses from Elisa. (Thank you, Elisa. She has a purple one) This is the one I just happen to point out to Erika when I showed her the website.

The kids gave Erika some homemade gifts and a ring that says "mom" on it. She had seen it in an ad and liked it. The kids asked me to help them get it for her.
My Mom!! We had a great afternoon visiting with the family.
Roses from Glenn. Aren't they beautiful? Aren't I spoiled?


He's All Wet!

Last Saturday we had a pool party for Kourtnie's birthday. Happy Birthday Kourtnie! Glenn went outside to hose off the patio, take the cover off of the pool and get things ready. I heard a knock on the window so looked outside. Glenn was standing there fully clothed, shoes and all....dripping wet. He had been walking next to the pool reading the ingredients on the can of his energy drink and stepped right into the pool. I wish I'd been outside with the video camera. I always tell him those energy drinks are addicting, I guess they're just dangerous. Ha!
I ran outside and took his picture. His first question, "This isn't going on your blog, is it?" Now what else would I do with it? :)
Happy Birthday Kourtnie! This was one of her favorite gifts. Samantha, an American Girl.