Summer Time!

Kourtnie has been in horse camp this past week while Launa has been taking swimming lessons. Anthony was in horse camp too but in Simi Valley with his dad so I didn't get any pictures.
Kourtnie loves the horses and hasn't even minded the over 100 degree weather in Ojai as long as she got to hang out with her new favorite animals. I tried to get to the camp in time to get pictures of her riding but they did it earlier. I think Kourtnie believes she's a new 'horse whisperer'. She would tell me every day about the special connection she had with different horses and how she and the horse could understand each other. I'm really happy she's having so much fun.
Launa took to swimming better than we thought she would. Last summer she wouldn't get off of the step in our pool. On Mother's Day this year she ventured out a little farther but still didn't want to try anything. The first day of swimming she went right in with the teacher and every day did exactly what the teacher told her to do. She even jumped in to the teacher. It was great!



Anthony turned 12 on June 6. He chose Applebees for the family dinner.

Anthony and Allen have been friends since preschool.

Anthony is always happiest if Uncle Greg is there.

The next day was his party at Lazerstar. I had just as much fun as the kids. (even if I was on the losing team for all 4 missions) It had been years since we'd been to Lazerstar. You're never too old to go and have fun!
A week after his birthday Anthony graduated from 6th grade. He'll be going into Middle school next year. His graduation was very nice. He received an academic award that none of us knew he'd be receiving. We're very proud of him!
Mom and Anthony

Grandma & Papa with the graduate

Greatma always supports Anthony

Greatgrandma (Mema) and Greatgrandpa Utter were visiting from Arkansas



The 'former' Alpha Beta girls went out to dinner for Virginia's birthday. Happy Birthday Virginia! It was also a happy celebration because Virginia had just become a new grandma. We got to see the pictures of her new grandson. SO CUTE!

When I first arrived at the restaurant I was a little nervous. The sign said it was a sushi place. Yucch! But, I knew Virgina wouldn't really pick a place with just sushi. Osabi restaurant is one side sushi and the other is a family restaurant where they cook the food at your table. I hadn't been to a place like this in years. It was so much fun and the food was delicious. They served enough that I was able to take some home for Glenn to eat dinner too. He liked that.