Pumpkin Patch

I got to go to the pumpkin patch today with Launa's kindergarten class. Starting out was a little difficult. Launa had never ridden on a bus before and was scared to death. She was clinging to Erika's leg crying. There was no room on the bus for parents so we were following in Erika's car. Launa's teacher, Mrs. Colborn, is the best. (btw: she was Anthony's kindergarten teacher too) She simply took Launa's hand, and told her she would sit with her, as she walked her to the bus while Erika & I walked away. I don't know what happened on the bus but now Launa wants to ride the bus home from school every day. Funny girl!

The pumpkin patch was full of kids and fun!

Launa with her class

Launa in the maze

Launa & Mommy

Launa & Grandma



Supervisor of the Year

Glenn received the Supervisor of the Year award at Ventura PD. During the awards luncheon he also received an unexpected plaque from CNOA (California Narcotics Officers' Association). We are all so proud of Glenn and, of course, feel it's well deserved.

Glenn & Chief Miller enjoy a laugh

Glenn's loves giving speeches....Ha!

The family was there to support Glenn
Wenona, Glenn, Greg, Launa, Erika, Anthony, Shirley

P B & J

What does a 5yr old do when she thinks you're taking too long to make her lunch? She does it herself. I told Launa I'd be just another 5 minutes but she didn't want to wait. She pulled a chair from the dining room into the kitchen, got out the bread and moved the chair to the next counter. She got the peanut butter from the pantry and had her brother open it, the squeeze bottle strawberry jelly out of the refrigerator and a butter knife from the drawer. (She's used to the routine from helping me so many times) And away she went.
Glenn walked into the kitchen just as Launa was done with the peanut butter. She pushed the chair to the sink and washed the knife before spreading the jelly. Glenn teased her about cleaning the knife even though the peanut butter and jelly will mix once you put the bread together. Launa wasn't fazed. She told papa that the knife has to be clean.
Didn't she do a neat job? And she covered all the corners just like grandma taught her to do.


Father's Day in July

Since Glenn spent Father's Day watching over me in ICU he finally got his special day this past Sunday. After church the kids and grandkids came over. Erika did all the work. She cooked one of Glenn's favorite meals and his favorite chocolate chip cookies.

We sat by the pool while the grandkids and Michael had fun in the water.
Glenn opened his gifts. We ate and ate. Then we had a roaring game of bowling on wii. Can you guess who won? She requested that her 'winning' picture be taken.
Anthony likes to get in all of the pictures.
It was all great family fun!
Of course we had to get the yearly traditional pictures taken with dad/papa.
Happy Father's Day Glenn. We Love You!



While I spent the month of June in the hospital I missed out on a couple of important events.

First, Anthony turned 13. He, along with 2 of his friends and some of the adult males in the family had a good time. Erika watched the fun and took pictures then joined in for the rest of the day.
They started out at MB2 which is an indoor electric go-cart track. After having fun racing there they headed out for pizza. Next was bowling and then to end the day was the movie "Night at the Museum 2". Anthony said it was a great day!
Anthony, Zach and Allen
Michael, Allen, Zach, Anthony and Phil
Phil, Uncle Greg and Zach

Second, Launa graduated from preschool.
Mama and Launa the day of graduation

Now that I'm on the mend it's finally starting to feel like summer. I can't get into the water yet but had fun watching Anthony & Launa.
Time spent in the front yard with Launa's new water slide.
The next day was spent in the backyard in the pool.
Launa was a little nervous going into the deeper end but she trusts her brother.


Craft Day!

Not only did I get to spend the day with my best friend Elisa but we had a craft day with some dear friends. Elisa and I drove to Vicki's (Elisa's sister-in-law) house which is near Lancaster/Palmdale. Elisa and I hadn't had a chance to get together in a while so we used the drive to catch up on the latest happenings. Vicki's best friend, Ellen, was there and also Vicki's daughter Meg. I met a new friend, Linda, who was there for half the day but didn't get a picture of her.
Some of us knitted, some crocheted and some scrapped. We also took time out to go to lunch. Vicki served us big juicy strawberries and the others ate little cheese cakes that were lowfat and I'm told delicious.
Such a fun day! The next craft day will be at my house.
Ellen! She really did work on a project and didn't eat the whole time. Ha!



It's that time of year again. The week before Easter Launa and I replant flowers in the atrium. This year we chose different types of flowers. They're bigger and I'm told will last year round. Let's see what my 'brown thumb' will do this time. For now it looks really pretty and Launa did a great job planting.

Happy Birthday Erika!

Erika's birthday was April 4. The family went to lunch at a barbeque place. I think the best part for mom was being with Anthony & Launa. I'm not sure how she can be 32 when I'm only 42. Ha! Happy Birthday Erika!


Past Friendships still current

Recently I was happy to spend time with friends whom I've known for years. The first lunch was a mini high school reunion. (No, I'm not telling you how many years) We had lunch at the Trump Country Club in Palos Verdes. It was so much fun. The food was delicious but better yet was catching up with those I hadn't seen in years.
Judy, Regina, Rosanna, Me, Rebecca, Karen
I think Jim liked being the only guy there. :)
One of the beautiful views outside of the restaurant.

The next dinner was with the girls from Alpha Beta. As some of you know, I worked for Alpha Beta grocery store for 14 years before I became a police officer. AB is no longer in existence but the ole gang still is. We get together whenever one of us has a birthday. (Happy Birthday Barbara) We missed Carol at this dinner and are praying for her dad's health.
Virginia, Me, Charlene, Vicki, Barbara
I also had lunch this week with Diane who was one of my best friends in high school. Wish I'd thought to get a picture. It was great to finally get together after so long.

"The best antiques are old friends!" Unknown


Launa turns 5

Launa turned 5 on Monday, March 16. Papa & Grandma surprised her by picking her up before nap time from preschool. (Something she wants grandma to do everyday because she hates taking naps) We took her to Toys R Us to pick out her own birthday presents. (Notice the 's' after present) She started pointing out everything as soon as we entered the store but we directed her to certain aisles and she actually did very well. It didn't take long at all.
After picking out a game and an arts and craft thing she kept going back to MoonSand. Have you heard of it? It's messy and awful. Give me playdoh any day. I told Glenn that Erika would not be happy if we got it for Launa. Didn't matter. It was Launa's birthday and that's what she wanted. Plus she has papa wrapped around her finger. Ha! We walked out with 3 presents and a birthday balloon from the checker.

As we were leaving Launa saw one of those money sucking machines with the claw to try and get a stuffed animal. "Can we try it?" "Of course, it's your birthday."
Papa tried first but couldn't get anything.
"Can we try again?" "Sure, it's your birthday. Why don't you do it this time, Launa?"
Sure enough she got the animal. Her reasoning- "I'm 5 now."
That evening we went to Chuck E Cheese. Lots of family and friends were there. The kids had fun running around playing.
Launa and Mama
Launa with Papa and Grandma
Even big brother Anthony and his friends had fun.
Everything was great until Chuck E Cheese made his appearance to sing Happy Birthday. Launa freaked. Guess wanting her birthday there was all about the games and pizza cause it definitely wasn't about Chuck E Cheese.
Happy Birthday Launa!