Happy Birthday Ben!

My younger brother turned 50 on November 16. (we won't talk about my age) We had a surprise party for him on the 24th. There was a small family dinner on his birthday. Glenn & I weren't there because we were in Reno at a conference. Ben must have thought none of us figured his birthday was that big of a deal. Ha!
By the look on his face he was definitely surprised.
We weren't mean or anything with our decorations. hee hee This skeleton was wearing Ben's work uniform.
Ben and his wife Judy
Ben and Ben Jr.
After the kids tried to break the 50 shaped pinata, Ben finished it off.
The kids got all of the candy though.

17 Wonderful Years!

Our anniversary was on Saturday, November 24. It's been 17 great years together. We're going away next weekend to celebrate to our favorite spot....Sycamore Mineral Springs. Before heading up north to Sycamore we're taking an overnight flight on Thursday to Texas for the Packer/Cowboy game. Go Packers!

I'm one of those lucky wives who receives beautiful flowers each year on special occasions. I dry 2 out of each bouquet and have a pretty gold basket full of dried flowers. It's hard to tell from the picture but for this year's anniversary roses Glenn picked out deep reds and multi-colored pinks. They're beautiful!


Afternoon with the Grandkids

The kids got out of school early each day this week. Today Launa didn't want to nap at preschool so I picked her up early too. It's always a contest between Anthony & Kourtnie to see who gets to the computer first. Anthony and his friends won today. Kourtnie was bored so I got out the bucket of paints and crafts from the shelf while Launa was napping. After Launa's nap she decided to paint too.
I took this picture of Anthony with our next door neighbors Ian & Spencer 3 times. I couldn't get Spencer or Ian to smile. Boys! Anthony's grown up with a camera in my hands. He knows it's just better to turn and smile for grandma because she's not going to go away.
Kourtnie worked hard on this pretty box for her mom. She was able to finish it before Erika got home from work.
Launa tried just about every color we had. She was pretty good about not getting it on herself except her hands. My floor was another story. Ha!



This was Anthony's first year playing football. Of course he had to choose tackle instead of flag football. He's playing for the Ojai Eagles and so far his team is undefeated. Because Anthony is in his 1st year and because he needs to add a few pounds he wasn't on the first string. The good thing about playing at this age is everyone gets some playing time. The good thing about Anthony is that he is loving the game and as Coach Dave says, "Anthony plays with all heart." He puts his 'all' into it. He plays corner back and wide receiver. He's gotten a few tackles and even recovered a fumble.
Anthony won't let this guy get through. Practically the whole family came to see the last game. Greatma & Greatpa Marcus were at a previous game and wouldn't you know it, it's the one game I forgot my camera.


Birthday gifts are fun!

It's been almost a week since my birthday but I was waiting to see Elisa before blogging my gifts. Tonight was our once a month Nibble & Knit class. Lucky for me it's held here in Ojai. Elisa drives up here and we meet with a group of great women. We crochet, knit and talk talk talk. Oh yes, and someone brings goodies. It's a lot of fun! There are all levels of expertise and also lucky for me there's always someone willing to help.

Elisa brought me my gift. It's a table runner she weaved. I LOVE it. I had already decorated my table for Thanksgiving and it's the perfect touch. After Thanksgiving it will also fit in perfect in my dining room.
Okay, I know nothing about weaving and can't explain about the pattern she developed except to tell you that it spells my name. You'll have to go to here on Elisa's blog to read the explanation. What I can tell you is that I have an original table runner and it's beautiful!
She also brought me a fun gift. Can you tell what this is?
It's a dolphin. It opens up to hold my crochet/knitting notions. Way cool!

I'm a very lucky girl. My family also spoiled me. Glenn gave me an ipod. It has a video feature that I've already used and holds lots of songs. If only I'd known you can download from your CD's before I used up some of my itunes gift card. oops.... Erika & Robert gave me this cool digital key chain that holds about 80 photos. Now ask to see pictures of my grandkids. Ha! Greg got me a gift card from Barnes & Noble that I can't wait to use. Going there for me is like a kid in a candy store. Soooooo exciting! And last but not least (by any means) Anthony, Kourtnie & Launa gave me a necklace charm that says "#1 Grandma".

As I said, I'm a very lucky girl!



The morning of Halloween in the middle of my workout Erika called me. Launa attends the preschool where Erika works. The kids were going to start their Halloween parade in 45 minutes and Erika wasn't going to be able to get out of her classroom to walk with Launa or take pictures. "Mom?" I finished my workout, washed up a bit, threw some halfway presentable clothes on and rushed to the school, camera in hand. It was worth it! Launa looked so adorable as Ariel the Mermaid. (grandma's not prejudice)

Launa had fun parading through the convalescent home and then the doctor's buildings where the kids were given candy from the nurses and a toothbrush from the dentist. She looked so cute walking around in her mermaid costume and holding her wand.
Poor Launa! The hem of her costume ripped and it kept getting caught on her shoe during the entire walk. But she was a trooper and didn't want to be held. I took the costume home and fixed it before the evening trick or treating. I had also done a little bit of alterations on Kourtnie's costume and some mending for Erika earlier this week. Erika called me her "personal seamstress" as I left the school. It's good to be needed. :)
The back of Launa as she was parading through the hospital.
Launa and her best friend Amber sitting with the rest of the kids.
That night Erika and I took the kids trick or treating to one of the busiest neighborhoods in Ojai.

Anthony wore his football uniform.
Kourtnie the Indian.
Launa as Ariel.

These are the beautiful roses Glenn sent to me today. I'm so lucky. What a wonderful husband!!!!