Like Father - Like Son

Greg had knee surgery on Thursday. It turns out he had torn cartilage flopping around in there. Glenn has had 3 knee surgeries on the same knee and the same problem.
Greg was a bit drugged up and decided to make a face at the camera.
Glenn & Greg comparing scars. You can still see the doctor's initials on Greg's knee.
Glenn re wrapping Greg's knee.

I have a picture of Greg on my cell phone in his hospital gown waiting for surgery but can't figure out how to get it on my computer. Too bad, it's a good one. Better yet was his face when they gave him the 'relaxing drug' in his IV. The nurse told him he wouldn't remember anything we were talking about. Greg asked, "You mean I won't remember this? I won't remember ages 18 to 24?" I tried really hard not to laugh. Yup, he was a goner.

Thank you, Marie, for your comment. Now I can put the picture of Greg from the hospital.



I love organization. I'm not saying my house is the neatest but I get such a thrill every time something is in its place. Although shopping is a death sentence I can spend a long time in Bed Bath & Beyond. Do you know how many things they have to organize your home?

Well, there's one main spot in our house that will NOT stay clean. That is my desk. Everything gets thrown on there. I clean it one day and the next it's a mess again. The other day I was laying in bed trying to wake up and I decided it was time to organize. A trip to Office Depot and now we're cooking. Glenn fell asleep in the car waiting for me. I admit I wandered a bit through all of the file folders and office supplies. I was in my own Disneyland!

Are you ready for the transition? I'm embarrassed by the 'before' picture. It took a lot for me to show this to you.
Isn't that awful?
Notice the 'purple' folders. I keep walking in my office just to look at the desk. I told Glenn that one of them has his name on it and asked him to check it every so often for his mail and 'his' things to take care of. He laughed at me. :)


Happy Birthday Erika!

Erika's birthday was last Friday, April 4. (Yes, I'm late blogging) We went to dinner with the family to BJ's restaurant. Why did Erika choose this particular restaurant? For the dessert of course. The food was good too but the desserts were worth the 90 minute wait to get in.
This is the afghan I made for Erika. I know it's not the same as cuddling with Robert but maybe it'll keep her warm while he's deployed.

We had a visitor in our pool this past week. Such a cute little frog. He sat (okay I don't know if it was a 'he') on the cleaning hose for the longest time. He finally swam to the edge of the pool and tried to jump out but couldn't quite make it. Glenn rescued the poor little guy.



Anthony and Papa worked on a project for Anthony's class at school. He had to make a contraption to hold a raw egg that could be thrown off of the building of the school without breaking the egg. There were, of course, rules to be followed. (I won't go into all of them)
Glenn & Anthony thought they had everything all dialed in on Monday when they slit open a football and decided to place the egg inside and surround it with packing peanuts. We didn't have the packing peanuts Monday night. No problem. They'd get them and get together before the project was due on Friday. Well.... between Glenn's work schedule and Anthony's visit to his dad they didn't get together until Thursday evening. Guess what? They threw the football off of the roof of our house and the egg broke. Oops!
You can't buy just a 'few' packing peanuts

The next 2 hours were filled with chicken wire, duct tape, bubble wrap, packing pillows, wire ties, pudding in a cup, toy parachute, foil wrap, string and ziplock bags. You get the idea. They climbed up and down the ladder and the result each time was a broken egg. They broke 7 of my eggs.
It was the 8th egg that made it. What did it? The egg was in a ziplock bag in the middle of a plastic jar surrounded with psyllium. Who knew?

I anxiously waited for Anthony to call me after school today to find out if the egg made it during the experiment at school. He called. "Grandma! It survived!" We were all so excited!!