Just Like Grandma!

Karina has the entire living room to crawl around and play. She has lots of toys. However, she always heads for my knit/crochet basket. Yesterday she discovered yarn that I didn't even know was in there. I think she's trying to tell me that she wants to learn to knit and crochet. Don't tell me any differently....I KNOW that's what she's saying at almost 8 months old. 




It's been too long since I've posted (as my friends have lovingly pointed out to me). Instead of trying to catch up I'll just start from current events.~Halloween~

Launa & I did our traditional decorating in the atrium. 

Behind the couch: her favorite musicals from Hallmark. This year Karina liked listening to them. 

This skeleton is put together with duct tape and needs to be thrown away but Launa says it wouldn't be Halloween without her. 

Even though the spider was plastic she could only hold it for a little bit.

The final results.  

Halloween Night:
Karina wore the same costume that Launa wore when she was a baby. It came from Mema (Glenn's mom) Launa was a 'Pink witch'. You can't tell from the pictures that the skirt lit up and changed colors. Both were so cute!

Starting out the night

Trick or treating in Ojai is definitely a small town community affair. As we walked along the 'child populated' sidewalks Erika & I socialized with the parents we met up with. Kids yelled out 'hi' to Launa. Half of the parents were dressed up. In this particular neighborhood there is a house (entire downstairs and backyard) turned into a haunted house. I went into it a few years ago with the other grandkids and it's great. Launa was too scared to enter this year. We were told that unfortunately this was the last year. Their last child is going away to college and they'll be embarking on other adventures. Look at the line to get inside.
I'm told this picture of Launa looks just like me when I was her age.
Karina fell asleep by the end of the night with her hat over her eyes.
Glenn & Anthony stayed home to hand out candy. These are their Halloween faces!




It's that time of year again. Launa & I plant flowers every year in the atrium. This year we didn't have to plant as many because for the first time EVER I didn't kill as many. (yes, I have a brown thumb) We usually plant in March around Easter but time got away from us. We had enough left over flowers that we were able to put some in the backyard too. Now it looks prettier too. Yay!
Launa loves to garden and through the years has learned to do a good job. She knows exactly how deep to dig the holes, how much mulch to put in the hole and how hard to pack the dirt around after placing the flower into the hole. She even helps me clean up afterwards. Her favorite part is watering the flowers. We bought new watering cans this year. You can see them in the background.


April Happenings!

Anthony is on a school trip in Washington DC and New York. So far his phone calls home and text messages have let us know that he's having a great time. Anthony loves history, he's always watching the Discovery Channel. When I talked to him last night he was like an encyclopedia giving me all the information on everything they'd seen. Today he text Erika that they'd seen Obama through a window as he passed by in his car. I may not like Obama but that's really cool.

The morning Anthony left: (which btw was 1:45am)
April 4 was Erika's birthday. We went to dinner on the 2nd so Anthony could be there before leaving on his trip.
Erika was happy to be with family:
Erika was happier with her gifts from Anthony & Launa. Launa picked out a bag with sandals on it because Erika wears sandals even in cold weather. Anthony made Erika a container in woodshop for placing things inside. He did a really great job making it.

And, of course, Easter. This year Easter and Erika's actual birthday fell on the same day. We've always had the family here for Easter but this year our nephew, Ron, wanted to host Easter in his new house in Simi Valley. It was so different for me to just show up with a dish and not be in charge. Very relaxing and nice. (Just wish Glenn hadn't had to work) Ron and his girlfriend Susan did a wonderful job.

Every year Aunt Vicki gives the kids BIG Easter boxes full of candy and toys. Actually more toys/books etc than candy. The kids have a blast opening them. They spent the rest of the day playing with everything.

Ron has a huge backyard. The kids had 2 Easter egg hunts. Viviana, Launa and Ben Jr.

The kids played lots of games. One of them was basketball.

Greatma and BJ concentrating on finding fossils.

Grandma and Karina

Launa decorated Erika's birthday cake

Erika getting ready to blow out the candles. Viviana is ready to help
Ron & Susan....our hosts:


The Evil Welcome Mat

A month ago I bought a new welcome mat for our front door. The rest of the family immediately started complaining about it. "It's too thick." "We keep tripping on it." etc etc I told them to stop complaining because it's a pretty mat and, "Just watch what you're doing. What's so hard about stepping on a mat when you come in and out of a door?" (do you see where this is headed?)

Isn't this a pretty mat?

Does this look too thick to you?

On Monday I made dinner for Erika and family since she just had Karina. (refer to previous post about my new beautiful granddaughter) I had the rolls, corn and my purse in my hands as I headed out the door. know that door mats don't always stay in the exact position that you place them, right? This one had moved over a bit. As I stepped outside my left foot caught the side of this TALL, overly THICK mat and my ankle twisted. The next thing I knew I was flat on the porch. Oops! I tried to stand up but my left foot wouldn't cooperate. Luckily I had my cell phone in my back pocket.
Instead of delivering dinner to them, Erika and Michael loaded Anthony, Launa and the brand new baby in the car and rushed over. Michael carried me in the house. (so embarrassing) The bright side is that the main dish was still in the kitchen and didn't end up all over the porch. Michael & Anthony served Erika (who was still recovering from a c-section), me (who couldn't walk) and Launa because....well....she's Launa.

The foot started out with a golf ball sized lump on the left side which turned into this bruise you see in the picture.
The next day the entire foot was swollen and bruised.
This is today when the swelling has gone down a bit.
The doctor has me on crutches for a while. Launa called them 'crunches' the first day.
p.s The EVIL mat is being replaced....


Karina Marie

Our granddaughter, Karina Marie, was born on Thursday March 11 at 1:01pm. She was 6lbs 6oz and 19 inches long. She was named after me. Okay, her middle name is named after me. But that counts. She came into the world via a scheduled c-section which makes things really nice for planning.

I was all 'gowned' up to go in with daddy (Michael) to watch the c-section when I got kicked out. Yes, kicked out before I even got into the room. The doctor had said that I could go in but the anesthesiologist didn't want me in there. His reasoning was that he didn't want the chance of 2 people fainting. The doctor tried fighting for me but the anesthesiologist wouldn't budge. Even after finding out that I'd been in a c-section for my first grandchild and in autopsies which means I don't have a weak stomach. The doctor called him an "a-hole". I love this doctor.

Back to Karina. She's beautiful and as you'll tell from the pictures the whole family agrees with me. She doesn't cry much unless she's hungry or getting her diaper changed. "Leave me alone. I was comfortable even with a wet diaper and now you're making me naked and cold."

Erika & Karina came home today, Sunday. They're doing great!

Mommy & Karina bond in the hospital on the first day:

Daddy is proud of Karina:
Papa and his girls:
Great grandma "greatma" cuddles with Karina:
Grandma is very happy and proud and excited and overjoyed etc etc:
Big brother, Anthony, held Karina for long periods of time and fed her a lot:
Big sister, Launa, was scared to hold Karina until the 2nd day. She did a great job:
Uncle Greg pretends not to know how to hold little babies but we all know better:
Time to go home:
First time in her car seat. Goodbye hospital.... Hello world:
Welcome to the family Karina!
We love you!!!!