Father's Day in July

Since Glenn spent Father's Day watching over me in ICU he finally got his special day this past Sunday. After church the kids and grandkids came over. Erika did all the work. She cooked one of Glenn's favorite meals and his favorite chocolate chip cookies.

We sat by the pool while the grandkids and Michael had fun in the water.
Glenn opened his gifts. We ate and ate. Then we had a roaring game of bowling on wii. Can you guess who won? She requested that her 'winning' picture be taken.
Anthony likes to get in all of the pictures.
It was all great family fun!
Of course we had to get the yearly traditional pictures taken with dad/papa.
Happy Father's Day Glenn. We Love You!



While I spent the month of June in the hospital I missed out on a couple of important events.

First, Anthony turned 13. He, along with 2 of his friends and some of the adult males in the family had a good time. Erika watched the fun and took pictures then joined in for the rest of the day.
They started out at MB2 which is an indoor electric go-cart track. After having fun racing there they headed out for pizza. Next was bowling and then to end the day was the movie "Night at the Museum 2". Anthony said it was a great day!
Anthony, Zach and Allen
Michael, Allen, Zach, Anthony and Phil
Phil, Uncle Greg and Zach

Second, Launa graduated from preschool.
Mama and Launa the day of graduation

Now that I'm on the mend it's finally starting to feel like summer. I can't get into the water yet but had fun watching Anthony & Launa.
Time spent in the front yard with Launa's new water slide.
The next day was spent in the backyard in the pool.
Launa was a little nervous going into the deeper end but she trusts her brother.