18 Wonderful Years!

Today was our anniversay. We went to dinner and a movie. Right now I'm waiting for Glenn to get his things together for work tomorrow so we can relax the rest of the evening. The Packer game is on so we'll watch the rest of it and I'll knit. And, yes girls, I'm way okay with that. I just love being with Glenn. I really am the luckiest girl ever. I couldn't ask for a better husband than Glenn. As you can tell we're a low-key couple who just enjoy each other. But we are saving up for the big getaway in 2yrs for our 20th, in case you're wondering.
Now that Anthony taught me how to do the timer on my camera I was able to take the above picture of the 2 of us.
The beautiful roses Glenn gave me.



Mom & I went on opening day, 2nd showing matinee. Lucky thing because I found out it was sold out in the evening. I loved it! Can't wait for the next one to come out. I was worried about the actors playing the parts. When you read a book your imagination gets to play such a large part. I was afraid I'd be disappointed in the movie's portrayal of the characters. But I was pleasantly surprised. They did a great job of casting. I'd also heard beforehand that the movie wasn't anything like the books. Normally that's the case anyway so I was ready. But I thought it stuck to the storyline really well. Obviously a lot was cut out or the movie would've been twice as long but the main theme was kept in tack. 2 thumbs up from us!


Cookie Maker/Taster!

Anthony & Launa got out of school early last Friday. They helped me make chocolate chip cookies. I had just found these new aprons a few days earlier. They're both great helpers and we were all great tasters.
Anthony taught me how to use the timer on my camera. I've had this camera for a long time. Anthony is always showing me how to do things with my camera, on the computer etc etc.


Happy Birthday to Me!

Last Sunday, November 2, was my birthday. We had a small family bbq at our house after church. I received some very nice things from my family but the best was just being with them. I also received a lot of phone calls, nice cards, e-mails, facebook messages and a special blog message from my very good friend Tara. Thank you everyone. I feel so blessed.
Roses from Glenn!


This was the first year since I became a grandma 12 yrs ago that I didn't go out trick or treating with grandkids. Guess I'm over it? I usually really decorate too. This year I set a few things out the day of so kids would at least know they could stop by. I realize I didn't go to a pumpkin patch this year either. ummmm no Halloween spirit this year, huh?
Halloween night Robert & Erika took the girls out and Anthony stayed home for the first time. Erika called right before they left to ask if he could stay with us. He's decided he's too old for trick or treating. Friday night is ice-cream night for us and we watch the cop shows we missed during the week. Anthony joined grandma & papa for that.
Launa was Supergirl. Daddy is a big Superman fan so Launa decided to be Supergirl.
Kourtnie was a character from Narnia.