He's in Our Prayers!

Robert (Chief Taylor) left this week for Iraq. He will be gone for about 7 months. It was hard saying goodbye. The kids and us said our goodbyes the night before and the 3 kids spent the night at our house. Erika drove Robert to the base in the early hours. She was allowed to stay with him for about an hour before he and the other soldiers formed up to leave. Saying goodbye was really difficult.
Our prayers will be with Robert while he is gone.

We went to dinner together at Robert's favorite mexican restaurant in Ojai.



The younger kids at our house hunt for plastic Easter eggs filled with lots of goodies. The older kids go on a treasure hunt using clues. The magic age is 10 so this was Anthony's 2nd year to go on a treasure hunt. Anthony loves old coins so for his treasure both years greatma (my mom) gave him coins she had that belonged to my grandpa.
After church we started the family get together with our traditional ham meal. Mom brought her famous potato casserole. yum yum Next was the egg/treasure hunt. My niece, Vicki, brought an animated version of the Easter story. We watched the first half up to the crucifixion, had dessert and then watched the last half about the resurrection. It was a really good DVD.

Launa is so used to having her picture taken that most of the time as soon as she sees the camera she poses. Papa was watching her pose and decided he needed to pose too.
A cake decorator I'm NOT. Really didn't get my Aunt Dorothy's decorating gene. I made cakes for our Sunday school class and one for our grandkids. First of all the frosting had to be chocolate so it couldn't look like the picture. But even using that excuse for my end result won't work here. I was truly afraid that my cake would send the kids screaming because it looks more like a Halloween mask. Luckily the taste outweighed the looks. Ha!


Surprise Visit!

My good friend, Tara, moved to Utah last year. I was so surprised when she called on Thursday and said that they were in California. She, Dan and their 3 boys decided to make a trip out without telling anyone. They came by this morning for a visit. I've been so excited the last 2 days waiting to see them. Unfortunately our pool isn't heated yet but they made due with a trip to the beach after leaving us. As if that were a chore. Ha!

When Tara lived here she also babysat Launa. Erika brought Launa & Kourtnie over to visit. Launa acted shy at first until Tara picked her up and then it was like old times. Launa loves Tara.

Any of you who know me, know that I live with a camera in my hand. Did I take pictures today? NO! I was too busy visiting. This is a picture of Tara & I the day she deserted me....I mean moved. :)


The Happiest Place on Earth!

We spent Thursday & Friday with Erika, Robert and our 3 grandkids at Disneyland and California Adventures. Glenn & I hadn't been to Disneyland since Erika was 13. Boy, has it changed. Of course, we'd never been to California Adventures. We had 2 fun filled days. The 2nd day our cousin Leah and her husband Alex joined us around 4:30. It was really fun having them there.
We tried dividing the activities between the ages. Launa, who just turned 4 yesterday, Kourtnie 8 and Anthony 11. This was a family trip taken mostly because Robert will be deploying to Iraq in a couple of weeks. But, Launa was convinced we were there to celebrate her birthday. We did have them sing and bring her cake at Ariel's Grotto restaurant. Launa was in heaven at this restaurant when the princesses made the rounds and came to our table to talk to her. Kourtnie rode her first roller coaster and liked it. Anthony, who is an old pro at these 2 parks, showed us the ropes. He played big brother and even gave up some of his favorite rides (ie thunder mountain) as he kept his own maps and directed us to places he thought Launa would like.
Launa & Cinderella
Launa & Sleeping Beauty
Launa & Snow White
Belle was the only princess Kourtnie wanted to have her picture taken with.
Launa & Belle
When Anthony's not upside down on a roller coaster he loves to drive the cars.
Grandma & Kourtnie waiting in line for the dumbo ride. This was before Kourtnie was brave enough to try roller coasters.
Anthony wanted this hat as soon as we got to Disneyland.

As for grandma and papa. We had lots of fun being with the grandkids but by the end of 2 days our feet, legs and backs were killing us. When we woke on Saturday my voice was gone from screaming on the roller coaster at California Adventures. The sad part? It wasn't the BIG roller coaster. Have you ever seen how close to the edge those cars get on the smaller one? Well, have you? Anthony & papa were in the car ahead of Kourtnie & I. When Anthony realized it was me screaming he apparently couldn't stop laughing.

At the end of the last day we watched the parade. Launa was so excited throughout the entire parade. However, when Snow White arrived Launa's face lit up even more.

May all your dreams come true!