Pumpkin Patch

I got to go to the pumpkin patch today with Launa's kindergarten class. Starting out was a little difficult. Launa had never ridden on a bus before and was scared to death. She was clinging to Erika's leg crying. There was no room on the bus for parents so we were following in Erika's car. Launa's teacher, Mrs. Colborn, is the best. (btw: she was Anthony's kindergarten teacher too) She simply took Launa's hand, and told her she would sit with her, as she walked her to the bus while Erika & I walked away. I don't know what happened on the bus but now Launa wants to ride the bus home from school every day. Funny girl!

The pumpkin patch was full of kids and fun!

Launa with her class

Launa in the maze

Launa & Mommy

Launa & Grandma



Supervisor of the Year

Glenn received the Supervisor of the Year award at Ventura PD. During the awards luncheon he also received an unexpected plaque from CNOA (California Narcotics Officers' Association). We are all so proud of Glenn and, of course, feel it's well deserved.

Glenn & Chief Miller enjoy a laugh

Glenn's loves giving speeches....Ha!

The family was there to support Glenn
Wenona, Glenn, Greg, Launa, Erika, Anthony, Shirley

P B & J

What does a 5yr old do when she thinks you're taking too long to make her lunch? She does it herself. I told Launa I'd be just another 5 minutes but she didn't want to wait. She pulled a chair from the dining room into the kitchen, got out the bread and moved the chair to the next counter. She got the peanut butter from the pantry and had her brother open it, the squeeze bottle strawberry jelly out of the refrigerator and a butter knife from the drawer. (She's used to the routine from helping me so many times) And away she went.
Glenn walked into the kitchen just as Launa was done with the peanut butter. She pushed the chair to the sink and washed the knife before spreading the jelly. Glenn teased her about cleaning the knife even though the peanut butter and jelly will mix once you put the bread together. Launa wasn't fazed. She told papa that the knife has to be clean.
Didn't she do a neat job? And she covered all the corners just like grandma taught her to do.