Elisa challenged me so here goes....

(Original challenge issued by this blog).
1) go to the 4th picture folder
2) go to the 4th picture in the folder

3) tell 4 things about that picture

4) tag 4 more people

I went to my Kodak folder, chose the 4th folder and the 4th picture. The 4th folder was of Anthony's 12th birthday party last year. I thought, "Cool, I'll get to show a picture of my grandson." I love showing pictures of my grandkids. I went to the 4th picture and it was of Glenn & I at the party. After laughing I thought of picking a different picture. Who would know? But, that would be cheating. So, here you go.

Fact 1: Anthony's party (June 2008) was at Lazerstar where his mom, Erika, once worked as a teenager.

Fact 2: I always try to have a picture taken of Glenn & I at gatherings. I do scrapbooking and have scrapped pictures of the 2 of us from the year we met to present. We met 19yrs ago this month and haven't changed a bit. lol

Fact 3: I had just as much fun as the kids at Anthony's party running around shooting the other team.

Fact 4: Even 4yr old Launa had fun and she was a good aim.

Okay you guys, now I'm tagging: Kelli, Rachel B., Caren, and Tara


Happy Birthday Glenn!

Yesterday, January 6, was Glenn's birthday. The kids and grandkids came over in the evening for Glenn's requested roast with mashed potatoes and gravy dinner. Afterwards he opened his presents and the fun began. Although he got some nice things his main gift was a wii game.
Anthony & Greg set it up right away and the competition was on. Even 4yr old Launa can get into it. What a blast! Everyone did take time out for cake and ice-cream. Happy Birthday Glenn!
All of us enjoying the evening: Wenona, Glenn, Greg, Launa, Erika, Anthony
Uncle Greg likes to harrass his niece and nephew.