Afternoon with the Grandkids

The kids got out of school early each day this week. Today Launa didn't want to nap at preschool so I picked her up early too. It's always a contest between Anthony & Kourtnie to see who gets to the computer first. Anthony and his friends won today. Kourtnie was bored so I got out the bucket of paints and crafts from the shelf while Launa was napping. After Launa's nap she decided to paint too.
I took this picture of Anthony with our next door neighbors Ian & Spencer 3 times. I couldn't get Spencer or Ian to smile. Boys! Anthony's grown up with a camera in my hands. He knows it's just better to turn and smile for grandma because she's not going to go away.
Kourtnie worked hard on this pretty box for her mom. She was able to finish it before Erika got home from work.
Launa tried just about every color we had. She was pretty good about not getting it on herself except her hands. My floor was another story. Ha!


Chad, Caren & Christopher said...


I love your blog! Your grandchildren are oh so cute! I found your blog from Heidi's. I can't believe that it has been ten years since I was in Ojai as a missionary. My web address is Take care! I am glad that you are doing great!

Caren (aka Sister Thompson)