The younger kids at our house hunt for plastic Easter eggs filled with lots of goodies. The older kids go on a treasure hunt using clues. The magic age is 10 so this was Anthony's 2nd year to go on a treasure hunt. Anthony loves old coins so for his treasure both years greatma (my mom) gave him coins she had that belonged to my grandpa.
After church we started the family get together with our traditional ham meal. Mom brought her famous potato casserole. yum yum Next was the egg/treasure hunt. My niece, Vicki, brought an animated version of the Easter story. We watched the first half up to the crucifixion, had dessert and then watched the last half about the resurrection. It was a really good DVD.

Launa is so used to having her picture taken that most of the time as soon as she sees the camera she poses. Papa was watching her pose and decided he needed to pose too.
A cake decorator I'm NOT. Really didn't get my Aunt Dorothy's decorating gene. I made cakes for our Sunday school class and one for our grandkids. First of all the frosting had to be chocolate so it couldn't look like the picture. But even using that excuse for my end result won't work here. I was truly afraid that my cake would send the kids screaming because it looks more like a Halloween mask. Luckily the taste outweighed the looks. Ha!


Elisa said...

Hoppy Easter! Glenn is such a goof. He needs to practice posing more so he can be a pro like Launa. Maybe some bunny ears would make him cuter?

Your cake looks yummy. I gave up decorating cakes years ago 'cause they always looked so bad. Yours looks better than any of mine ever did!

Steve and Kelli Fam said...

OK I love that cake! It is a classic. I got a good laugh but it really isn't that bad :)
Happy Easter. Glenn cracks me up.