I admit it! I have this 'thing' about boxes. Every time something comes in a box.... "This would be a good box to use at Christmas time or a gift anytime." "This is a good size box to put things in for the Goodwill." "This would be a good craft box for the grandkids." Big boxes, small boxes it doesn't matter.
Where do they go? In the garage. The small boxes go in the area where I keep my plastic tub of wrapping paper and tissue. The big boxes get thrown up into the rafter.

We're in the middle of remodeling our garage. Okay, Glenn is remodeling and I'm just helping. (future blog coming soon) Thursday I decided to surprise Glenn and organize the rafter area. This is where we keep our holiday decorations. I was shocked at how many big boxes were hiding amongst the plastic tubs of decorations. I'm surprised we could fit our decorations up there. Some boxes were from years ago. How could I tell? Two were from old computers. The oldest box had been a baby item of Anthony's who will be 12 next week. Oh no! I have a sickness!

Glenn was very happy when I told him I wasn't keeping a single box. (from the rafter or floor level) Not all of the boxes from the rafter are in this picture because I did use a few for items to take to Goodwill. Ha!
My name is Wenona and I am a boxoholic!


Tara said...

This is too funny! And seriously, don't we all do this? I would end up with a million boxes, but I keep it to a 4 box rule...I can't stand it when I let things get cluttered.
Now, I'm a little worried you might not remember me and think "Who is this crazy lady?" So just to clarify, this is Jon Bigler's wife, Tara. Ü
PS-I love you's fun.