Monkey War!

Launa, our 4yr old granddaughter, and Glenn (Papa) have an ongoing tease of calling each other "monkey". "You're a monkey." "You're a monkey bum." etc etc You get the idea.

A few weeks ago Launa gave papa a monkey sticker and insisted he put it on his blackberry.
After that Papa found a monkey sticker on the bananas while helping with the groceries. He stuck it on the mirror in the bathroom Launa uses when she's here. When Launa saw it she put her hands on her hips, rolled her eyes, took it off and had me hold her up so that she could put it on Papa's mirror.
Next Papa printed a monkey off of the computer that filled the entire 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper and stuck it on Launa's mirror. Papa came home and didn't find anything on his mirror so thought Launa had given up. Until....that evening he removed the decorative pillow from the bed and there taped onto the pillow he sleeps on was the picture of the monkey. HA! Boy was he surprised.
Days went by and each morning when Launa arrived for me to babysit she'd ask, "Grandma, did Papa put a monkey on my mirror?" He hadn't. Finally she couldn't stand it any longer. She asked me if we could find a picture of a monkey on the computer to put on Papa's mirror. She found one that had 3 monkeys. She split them up and put them in 3 separate places. His mirror, dresser drawer and chest where he places his work bag each evening. (She's so smart to have known these places without any help from me. grin grin) Notice that the monkey Launa chose isn't even a real monkey. She said that the monkey Papa picked wasn't a 'nice' one.
After taping the 3 monkeys an idea developed. Launa will tell you it was HER idea. (again I'm grinning) Together Launa, Kourtnie and I printed out monkey faces and taped them onto Glenn's pictures. You should have heard all the laughter as we cut them and decided which monkey face went onto which picture.

As a side note you need to know that when we remodeled our bedroom 2 years ago I read in several places that a bedroom should be just for the couple. No pictures of kids/grandkids or any family. It is our sanctuary and we have only pictures of the 2 of us. A poster size sunset from Kauai with our silhouettes in the foreground, a wedding picture, Hawaii snapshots and 5 framed photos on the dresser from events we've attended. In other words, lots of faces of Glenn to tape monkey faces onto.

Glenn's reaction when he got home? "It's on! Launa, you'd better watch out!" He also mentioned to me how amazing it was that a 4yr old could do all of this on her own. I told him I agreed and how shocked I was when I walked into our bedroom. :)

The following is Launa's handiwork:
Didn't she do a great job? I can't wait to see what Papa's next move will be.


Elisa said...

That Launa's one clever girl. But you have to admit, the new photos are an improvement....

Chad, Caren and Christopher said...

Your post had me laughing out loud! So clever and hilarious. Launa will remember this fondly when she grows up!

Steve and Kelli Fam said...

I was laughing so hard! LOL, still laughing!
That is good stuff.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! The monkey pictures of Glenn are awesome!