Welcome Home Robert!

Our son-in-law, Robert, came home from Iraq on Thursday. It was his 2nd tour and he was gone for 7 months. It was so exciting to have him come home. Erika told Anthony who is 12 a few days early but didn't tell Kourtnie (9yrs) or Launa (4yrs) until that day. Launa found out while we were getting ready. Kourtnie found out when Erika showed up at school to take her out. I think Kourtnie's teacher and the office workers were just as excited as we were.

The time for his plane to arrive was changed twice. The first time it was changed to 3 hours later which was discouraging. Then Erika received word that he would be here sooner so we had to quickly change and rush out. Of course there had been an accident on the freeway so we tried to get around by going through Ventura and Oxnard and maybe speeding a little. Ha! We were going from Ojai to Mugu base. When we arrived at the gate the guy told us the plane had already arrived. I could feel my heart sink thinking Robert was just standing there waiting for us. We got to the airfield and discovered he wasn't there yet after all. They arrived 45 minutes later. The first sighting of the airplane was great! We waited anxiously as they got off of the plane, looking for Robert. He was one of the last off.

Hugs all around
The family is back together. 7 months is a long time for a 4yr old. Launa was a little shy with daddy at first. Now she is talking his ears off.
Robert with Grandma Shirley and Mother-in-law Wenona
We had both houses decorated with signs and yellow ribbons to welcome Robert home.


Elisa said...

Welcome home, Robert! Hope you get to stay a long, long time.

Steve and Kelli Fam said...

That is so touching. What a sweet reunion.

The Burke's said...

I love when I see a happy reunion story. We still have a yellow ribbon on our tree for all those soldiers serving. Happy Day!