Launa turns 5

Launa turned 5 on Monday, March 16. Papa & Grandma surprised her by picking her up before nap time from preschool. (Something she wants grandma to do everyday because she hates taking naps) We took her to Toys R Us to pick out her own birthday presents. (Notice the 's' after present) She started pointing out everything as soon as we entered the store but we directed her to certain aisles and she actually did very well. It didn't take long at all.
After picking out a game and an arts and craft thing she kept going back to MoonSand. Have you heard of it? It's messy and awful. Give me playdoh any day. I told Glenn that Erika would not be happy if we got it for Launa. Didn't matter. It was Launa's birthday and that's what she wanted. Plus she has papa wrapped around her finger. Ha! We walked out with 3 presents and a birthday balloon from the checker.

As we were leaving Launa saw one of those money sucking machines with the claw to try and get a stuffed animal. "Can we try it?" "Of course, it's your birthday."
Papa tried first but couldn't get anything.
"Can we try again?" "Sure, it's your birthday. Why don't you do it this time, Launa?"
Sure enough she got the animal. Her reasoning- "I'm 5 now."
That evening we went to Chuck E Cheese. Lots of family and friends were there. The kids had fun running around playing.
Launa and Mama
Launa with Papa and Grandma
Even big brother Anthony and his friends had fun.
Everything was great until Chuck E Cheese made his appearance to sing Happy Birthday. Launa freaked. Guess wanting her birthday there was all about the games and pizza cause it definitely wasn't about Chuck E Cheese.
Happy Birthday Launa!


I am SO blessed said...

5???? Where does the time go? Happy Birthday sweet Launa! - Tara

Marie said...

Poor baby. I totally understand; I would freak too if I so much as saw a giant rat, let alone if it started singing to me. Happy birthday Launa!