Elisa challenged me so here goes....

(Original challenge issued by this blog).
1) go to the 4th picture folder
2) go to the 4th picture in the folder

3) tell 4 things about that picture

4) tag 4 more people

I went to my Kodak folder, chose the 4th folder and the 4th picture. The 4th folder was of Anthony's 12th birthday party last year. I thought, "Cool, I'll get to show a picture of my grandson." I love showing pictures of my grandkids. I went to the 4th picture and it was of Glenn & I at the party. After laughing I thought of picking a different picture. Who would know? But, that would be cheating. So, here you go.

Fact 1: Anthony's party (June 2008) was at Lazerstar where his mom, Erika, once worked as a teenager.

Fact 2: I always try to have a picture taken of Glenn & I at gatherings. I do scrapbooking and have scrapped pictures of the 2 of us from the year we met to present. We met 19yrs ago this month and haven't changed a bit. lol

Fact 3: I had just as much fun as the kids at Anthony's party running around shooting the other team.

Fact 4: Even 4yr old Launa had fun and she was a good aim.

Okay you guys, now I'm tagging: Kelli, Rachel B., Caren, and Tara


Steve and Kelli Fam said...

I've been a blogger slacker so I just noticed I was tagged. I'm all over it!