I'll miss you Dad!

George John Marcus
5-6-1920 to 2-26-2008

I met this wonderful man 30 years ago. When mom starting dating George I instantly fell in love with him. A person couldn't help but do so, he was such a special person. Dad could make anyone feel important. He cared about what you were doing. He cared about 'your' life. He had a great sense of humor and always smiled. He was intelligent, witty and always wanted to help others. And, he loved Mom.

I won't write an obituary about him that would include such things as him being in WWII and the Korean war, being on the ground breaking beginnings of computers etc etc. But to those who read this you should know that he was a wonderful person.

I thought of this man who was my step-dad as "dad". I love him! I will miss him so much more than words can convey. My only comfort is that he is no longer suffering and that someday I know I will get to see him again.