Yes, I'm Spoiled!

As I've mentioned before (click here) Glenn spoils me. These are the roses I received on Valentine's day. Aren't they beautiful?
We went to a movie and dinner. It was a simple evening but didn't turn out quite the way we'd planned. Glenn got off of work an hour early and I met him at the PD. We drove to the movie theater to see a movie we really wanted to see.

We walked up to the window to buy our tickets.

"I'm sorry. The newspaper printed the wrong times. That movie doesn't start for 2 more hours."
So we chose a new movie that was starting right away. We'd heard good things about. wasn't terrible.

After the movie we went to Marie Callendars. Nothing fancy, we just wanted our favorite quiche meal. Obviously Marie Callendars isn't 'the' romantic place to go on Valentine's day. Ha! We only had to wait 10 minutes to be seated. Didn't need menus, we knew exactly what we wanted. The waiter came back a few minutes later.
"I'm sorry. We're out of the quiche"

It's all good! Glenn & I were together and we had a great time! :)


Chad, Caren & Christopher said...

The flowers are so BEAUTIFUL!

Steve and Kelli Fam said...

LOVE those flowers. Hmmm, just trying to remember the last time I got roses. I guess I'd better clue Steve in!

Steve and Kelli Fam said...

I'm not able to post on the one about your Dad passing but I just wanted to say I am so sorry for your loss! Love ya. Hope all is well.