Glenn is 50

Glenn turned 50 on January 6. He didn't want a party or any type of large get together. After church we had a small family barbecue at our house. He got to eat tri-tip that he didn't have to cook for once. Our nephew stood out in the rain barbecuing it for us. (thank you Ron) Besides eating trip-tip Glenn got to sit on the couch watching football, eating his favorite cake and pie (thank you Erika & Debbie) and opening presents.
He received Packer shirts and misc, lots of cash to put towards a portable garage for his Mustang and to his surprise I arranged to have his Mustang restored. I had help from our son-in-law (thank you Robert). Glenn bought his dream Mustang, a '67 fastback, 4 yrs ago. He wanted to restore it himself but he works too much. Now he can get it restored and be able to drive it before he gets even older. (just kidding Glenn)

Glenn with Anthony & Kourtnie
Launa showing us her tumbling form
Greg and Ron are not cooperating with the photographerRobert & Erika watching Dad open gifts. Too cute!
Inlaws Shirley & George and Debbie also watch with bated breath!Ben Jr. helps Uncle Glenn open his gifts. Benny made sure that we knew his gift was from him and not from his parents. The Happy couple! Especially Wenona now that Glenn has caught up to her and is in his 50's too.
Alas, the day was just too much for the birthday boy!


Steve and Kelli Fam said...

Happy Birthday Glenn! Steve is totally jealous and wants to see pictures of the car. That tri-tip sounds awesome. Its really hard to find once you leave Cali. mmmmmm.

Chad, Caren & Christopher said...

It looks like you guys had fun on Glenn's birthday. He doesn't look 50 (nor do you)! Tri-tip sounds soooo good. Happy Birthday Glenn!