Our Sweet Prophet!

The president of our church passed away Sunday evening. I received an e-mail from my niece that night with the news. Glenn saw the tears in my eyes while I sat staring at the computer. I choked the words out and he sat there in shock. Then my sister called me crying. President Hinckley was 97 and we knew it could happen one day but as a friend said in her blog, we "selfishly wanted him to live forever".
Glenn & I never had the privilege of meeting President Hinckley in person but we 'knew' him. He was such a special man with a sweet spirit. When you listened to him talk you felt like he was talking directly to you. He led such a selfless spiritual life. In December Glenn & I began reading a book of inspirations every night before bed written by Pres. Hinckley. It's a peaceful way to end the evening.
We'll miss our dear prophet and his counsel. But we're happy for he and his wife who are now reunited. They had such a happy and loving marriage.


Chad, Caren & Christopher said...

I began to cry as I read your post! I will miss his leadership, love, his talks and his wonderful personality. He was such a beloved prophet who did so much for the members of the church. A great man to say the least.