Bathroom Remodel

Have you ever done a remodel? Oh my goodness! We started this 6 week remodel on our hall bathroom 12 weeks ago. It started out right on schedule and continued that way for 4 weeks. Then it came to a screeching halt. I won't go into the boring details but it's been frustrating. The contractor we are using is the same one who did our room addition in 2000. He added a room, bathroom and laundry room. It went without a hitch. He doesn't do additions anymore, only does kitchen and bathroom remodels. Glenn thinks his business has gotten so big that handling the little details....weeeellll.

When it comes time for our kitchen remodel (years from now) we'll probably go with someone else.
Having that off my chest. The bathroom looks so much better. Since you don't know the problems or what wasn't done the way we wanted, you'll really think it looks much better. I'm told that it will be finished tomorrow. (fingers crossed)
Before pictures
Notice the old wood and the fact that when you look in the door you can see the toilet. That was one change I wanted because someone always left the lid up and you can look in this door as you enter the house.

New views from the door
Old tub....

New tub - notice the jets. Can't wait for that first soak and I've always been a shower person.
Once the cabinet is finished (did he say tomorrow?) I'll take more pictures and maybe the blog will read "Remodel Finished".


Elisa said...

So pretty. Can I come visit and soak in your tub? Pretty pleeeeeease? Working with contractors, I've found the only way to keep my sanity is to think 'someday this will make a really funny story.' Someday far, far into the future.

Chad, Caren & Christopher said...

It looks fantastic! We are in the process of remodeling three bathrooms. All of them are in one phase or another in the process. Seeing yours gives me hope that one day we'll be done! Enjoy a soak in your new tub and it will all be worth it!

Steve and Kelli Fam said...

That looks so great! Good job guys.