I love organization. I'm not saying my house is the neatest but I get such a thrill every time something is in its place. Although shopping is a death sentence I can spend a long time in Bed Bath & Beyond. Do you know how many things they have to organize your home?

Well, there's one main spot in our house that will NOT stay clean. That is my desk. Everything gets thrown on there. I clean it one day and the next it's a mess again. The other day I was laying in bed trying to wake up and I decided it was time to organize. A trip to Office Depot and now we're cooking. Glenn fell asleep in the car waiting for me. I admit I wandered a bit through all of the file folders and office supplies. I was in my own Disneyland!

Are you ready for the transition? I'm embarrassed by the 'before' picture. It took a lot for me to show this to you.
Isn't that awful?
Notice the 'purple' folders. I keep walking in my office just to look at the desk. I told Glenn that one of them has his name on it and asked him to check it every so often for his mail and 'his' things to take care of. He laughed at me. :)


Elisa said...

Ohhhhhhhh, purple folders! Very nice. Your desk is looking very spiffy. Congrats!

Zoovius said...

Oh Wenona! I am also going to write an entry on my crazy love of organization soon too! I am SO glad to find out that I am not the only one that absolutely LOVES to organize. Fantastic. And your desk looks just fabulous now! It is amazing how much better things feel when they're tidy and organized....

Steve and Kelli Fam said...

wenona, the before wasn't that bad! You should see my desk area. Pretty bad! I too LOVE to organize things. I wish I had the money to spend on all the cool stuff they have. I could spend hours in office stores. LOOKS GREAT!

Wenona said...

Heidi, Looking forward to reading your entry. Maybe I'll get some more inspirations. :)

Kelli, Have to really watch the checkbook in office stores. But it sure is fun, huh?