Anthony and Papa worked on a project for Anthony's class at school. He had to make a contraption to hold a raw egg that could be thrown off of the building of the school without breaking the egg. There were, of course, rules to be followed. (I won't go into all of them)
Glenn & Anthony thought they had everything all dialed in on Monday when they slit open a football and decided to place the egg inside and surround it with packing peanuts. We didn't have the packing peanuts Monday night. No problem. They'd get them and get together before the project was due on Friday. Well.... between Glenn's work schedule and Anthony's visit to his dad they didn't get together until Thursday evening. Guess what? They threw the football off of the roof of our house and the egg broke. Oops!
You can't buy just a 'few' packing peanuts

The next 2 hours were filled with chicken wire, duct tape, bubble wrap, packing pillows, wire ties, pudding in a cup, toy parachute, foil wrap, string and ziplock bags. You get the idea. They climbed up and down the ladder and the result each time was a broken egg. They broke 7 of my eggs.
It was the 8th egg that made it. What did it? The egg was in a ziplock bag in the middle of a plastic jar surrounded with psyllium. Who knew?

I anxiously waited for Anthony to call me after school today to find out if the egg made it during the experiment at school. He called. "Grandma! It survived!" We were all so excited!!


Chad, Caren & Christopher said...

What fun! You guys are such involved grandparents...your grandchildren are so lucky! It is good that their persistence paid off. It is great to learn that lesson at a young age. I love your post title. I don't think Eggtraption is in Websters, but it should be.

Steve and Kelli Fam said...

OK that is just too funny!

Momma Nic said...

Boy this sure brought back memories. It seems ours always involved my tupperware. Ny