Like Father - Like Son

Greg had knee surgery on Thursday. It turns out he had torn cartilage flopping around in there. Glenn has had 3 knee surgeries on the same knee and the same problem.
Greg was a bit drugged up and decided to make a face at the camera.
Glenn & Greg comparing scars. You can still see the doctor's initials on Greg's knee.
Glenn re wrapping Greg's knee.

I have a picture of Greg on my cell phone in his hospital gown waiting for surgery but can't figure out how to get it on my computer. Too bad, it's a good one. Better yet was his face when they gave him the 'relaxing drug' in his IV. The nurse told him he wouldn't remember anything we were talking about. Greg asked, "You mean I won't remember this? I won't remember ages 18 to 24?" I tried really hard not to laugh. Yup, he was a goner.

Thank you, Marie, for your comment. Now I can put the picture of Greg from the hospital.


Marie said...

With the camera picture try sending it to your email address and saving it from there to your computer. Typically those types of pictures are really small though.

Steve and Kelli Fam said...

That sounds painful!